What Makes Us Flip

We are sisters, really.

For as long as we can remember, the two of us have been drawn to improving and changing the space around us—any space. As young girls, we were both drawn to all things home-design: building, interior design, decorating, home magazines, any parade of homes and even home make-over TV shows. As time went on, while other young adults and young mothers found time for themselves with crafts, cooking, and training for marathons, we were staying up nights decorating and redecorating our homes—and eventually the homes of our neighbors, too.

After discovering that we collectively had consulted on, helped with, and redone over 50 homes (from house plans and new build jobs to remodeling and redecorating), we decided it was time to take our love of “all things home” and years of experience more seriously and let others know what we do!

Our Philosophy

It didn’t take us long to agree on one thing: We think you should LOVE your space. After all, you and your family spend most of your day there! We also think that getting to that place doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. We’ve discovered a lot of shortcuts and workarounds over the years. With the right kind of design input and coaching you can accomplish what you’re hoping to, and turn your space around!

So, whether you are wanting to remodel or redecorate, let My Flippin Sisters help you re-love your space!

We can’t wait to get started on your project!

Kristin and Amy


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